Project Manager

Working WITH not FOR NMH

Working WITH NMH means working with a team of young, dynamic, passionate and innovative individuals, where professional approach, customer orientation and pulling on one string is our key to success.

We aren´t looking for ANOTHER employee, we´re looking for THE employee, who shares our interest in becoming more advanced in providing engineering and manufacturing solutions as well as internal and external HIGH value services for our customers and clients worldwide.

Of course it works the other way around, NMH works WITH you by creating a unique workplace culture that brings together smart, talented people, where you can bring your whole SELF to work. A clean and advanced working environment forms the basis for encountering GREAT challenges.



Being a project manager at NMH simply means being IN CHARGE. Managing the entire lifecycle of a several hundred thousand € project, overseeing of operational activities, manufacturing workflow, communicating with suppliers, customers and partner companies over several European countries, creating regular budgets and audit reports, while keeping track of time schedules up to the finalization and handing over to the customer may be a bigger bite then one can chew, but that´s why we´re looking for the BEST there is. Equipped with only a company phone and computer, it is up to your organization, negotiation and technical skills to prove, that YOU are truly worthy the CHALLENGE.

Find out, apply and see, whether you GOT WHAT IT TAKES


What can NMH offer YOU

People are our the most valuable asset and create the core of who we are. At NMH, we want the BEST that is on the labor market, and when discovering TALENT, we are more than willing to acquaint it by providing EVERYTHING, that keeps you healthy, happy and motivated, like:

·         Competitive salary (we VALUE your quality)

·         Attendance benefit

·         Professional development through internal/external trainings

·         Participation on international projects

·         Occasional foreign business trips (Germany, The Netherlands)

Our benefit program is all about removing barriers, so that our employees can focus on the things they really enjoy.


Send us your CV at a.krasna@nmh-sro.com or contact us via our web form