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About us

Established in 2010 in Slovakia, NMH s.r.o. was founded as the production facility of the Heilig Group. It all started with manufacturing conveyors, heat exchangers, wood processing, waste handling, and recycling machines, but since then we have grown. Backed up by experience and operating through the synergy of the Heilig Group we deliver sustainable solutions.

At NMH s.r.o. we believe excellence can only be achieved through dedication, and with a committed team of 80 employees and a shop floor of 5000m2 we are more than ready to take on your engineering projects and manufacturing challenges.

To meet your expectations, we operate according to ISO 9001 and ISO 3834-2.

Heilig group:

Our professional team consists of 80 employees: 10 design engineers, with full 3D & 2D design application software, 50 technical assemblers, welders and other technicians and 8 project managers who keep our projects organised. Quality assurance and inspection is adhered to through the complete lifecycle of the manufacturing process.

Our technical know-how in combination with years of practical experience guarantees high quality products. Many of our installations are supplied as turnkey solutions.


Conveyor belts

With our diverse experience, knowledge, inventiveness and ability to adapt our customers’ needs, we can apply our knowledge to multiple applications.

Our conveyor belts are manufactured mostly for:

  • Bulk commodities
  • Recycling and waste recovery
  • Compost processing
  • Non-metallic minerals, timber and glass, etc.

Conveyors are a big division of our production line at NMH s.r.o. Since being founded in 2010, we have produced more 440 conveyors. This equals almost 5 km of conveyor belt. These conveyors have so far been divided over 17 different projects.

  • More than 435 conveyors produced since 2010
  • 4,840 m of conveyor belt in total
  • Divided across 17 projects

Mobile bunker

This conveyor is suitable for the transportation of bulk material. It is a typical roller conveyor with an infinite rubber belt.

One advantage is that it can act as a reservoir for the transported material with a capacity of up to 50 m3. This mobile bunker offers tilt adjustment (6°-16°) and therefore a change in transportation height. It is possible to reposition the conveyor depending on the customer´s site environment, with its rigid independent chassis design. It can be made in widths from 800 to 1600 mm.

Wood machines

We are responsible for the production of wood processing machines for Bezner-Oswald. We produce machines for rounding, profiling, peeling, cutting, chopping, splitting and so forth.

Besides the standard machines, we can produce many different other types. The machines are constructed robustly and have high reliability, and little maintenance is needed.

We have many different types of wood processing machines.

For example:

  • Cutting and Sawing machines
  • Rounding machines
  • Profiling machines
  • Horizontal screen
  • Pole peeling machine
  • Special solutions, etc.

The rounding machines can be used for the production of rounded logs. Using the profiling machines, all kinds of profiles can be produced, for example for log houses and landscape buildings.

With these machines the feed rate and processing speed is very important: for the rounding machines the speed is up to 39 m per minute and the finished diameter can be up to 500 mm, depending on the customer´s requirements.

Since 2010 we’ve produced around 65 machines: 40 machines as part of complete installations and an additional 25 single machines for customers.

Waste sorting

We also produce machines for the waste sorting industry, which are able to process different kinds of waste, including construction and demolition waste, municipal solid waste, commercial and industrial waste, paper, cardboard and plastic. They can be used for sorting the material to a variety of categories, and also for sorting ferromagnetic from non-ferromagnetic materials.

We offer various types of waste sorting machines.

For example:

  • ZZ air classifier
  • Air separator
  • Horizontal screening machine
  • Drum screen
  • Separation tank
  • Circular vibratory screen
  • Friction separator, etc.

The separation of light and heavy fractions is achieved by a specific and quantity-adjustable air flow within the fall range, shortly after leaving the conveyor.

PET recycling

We produce recycling plants that can completely process PET bottles and other plastic waste, from debaling through shredding into flakes, separating, washing and drying to big bag packing.

We produce installations for the recycling of:

  • PET and PP plastics
  • Municipal waste
  • Paper and cardboard
  • Individual customer specifications

We build both individual machines and complete recycling lines. We have already produced over 175 machines for PET recycling and the total capacity of all of these installations added together equals 33 tons per hour.

Bulk Handling

NMH produces installations for the bulk handling industry. Dry bulk commodities are usually divided into two categories; major bulks and minor bulks. Some examples of major dry bulk commodities include coal, ore and grain. Minor bulks include steels, sugars, cements, etc.

We specialise in equipment for loading, unloading and storing bulk products such as:

  • Minerals
  • Sand and gravel
  • Wood
  • Other bulk materials

We offer a wide range of equipment, including:

  • Long distance conveyors
  • Loading conveyors
  • Chain conveyors
  • Pipe-conveyors
  • Vibrating screens
  • Turning belts

We also stock and provide bulk product equipment spare parts:

  • Conveyor accessories
  • Lining solutions
  • Repairs and upgrades
  • Supervision and maintenance
  • Parts replacement
  • Training

Stainless steel

NMH provide processing of stainless steel, either for parts or for complete machine installations. These machines/parts have very high quality, and are air and watertight in aggressive environments. We use the TIG welding technique for stainless steel processing: this means that the welds are formed by inert gas, which guarantees their strength and resistance. We maintain a high standard of quality control and inspection of our products that ensures completely professional work at all times.

ISO Certificate

 To ensure the quality work we operate according to following standards ISO 9001:2008 and also EN ISO 3834-2:2005

Why NMH?

  • Experience
  • Individual approach
  • Adaptability
  • Complete service
  • Reliability
  • Team of professionals